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Donations for Underprivileged

Harmony Medical Trust has taken up the cause of senior Citizen and is currently supporting Silver Homes, Old-age home cum assisted living Facility. We would use your donation for supplying meals to underprivileged elderly, stay facility for the needy & most important , work with elderly holistic living & health.

About Harmony Medical Trust

Services & Facilities provided through Harmony Medical Trust :-

1. New Born Intensive Care ( NICU) – Several Premature Babies and Sick New Born Babies who require new born intensive care face financial problems, especially those patients who are coming from villages and the urban poor.

2. Harmony Medical Trust would also like to adopt a village for education and health care, providing health care camps, vaccination, health care at the primary level and second, tertiary levels at their unit at Shivajinagar. Funding would be required for this and this is an earnest appeal to help us.

3. Children’s Health – Harmony Medical Trust conducts health checkup camps for construction workers children and other socioeconomically deprived children. They would like to take this work ahead in a bigger way and also give more free medicines and vaccines to these children.

4. Education – Harmony Medical Trust would like to support basic and higher education for deserving students across all age groups, by way of payment of fees organizing scholarships and funding schools which are running short of funds. Drs Phadnis truly believe that education can transform individual lives and help them to take the leap forward towards a better life for themselves and their families.

5. Antenatal care, Pregnancy and Delivery – There are many women still who are not able to avail medical services especially higher medical services in high-risk pregnancies. Harmony Medical Trust would make every attempt to reach out to as many expecting mothers in the under privileged sections and offer them good medical services, this will help in reduction of maternal mortality rate (MMR), which as we all know is still high in India.

6. Spirituality Sessions – Late Dr H N Phadnis as also Drs Avinash and Amita Phadnis have been seekers – Finding the meaning of Life. Dr H N Phadnis for many years conducted spirituality awareness and consciousness awareness sessions at Sumati Health and at home. He never charged anything and shared seriously acquired knowledge and experience with one and all.  Today Harmony Medical Trust would like to take this work forward by offering counseling and guidance to those who seek. A certain funding would be kept aside for this work which is important for humanity. Harmony Medical Trust would take forward this work with enlightened individuals from different schools of thoughts.

7. Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment – Breast Cancer is on the rise. In India, Every 4 minutes , a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer . Early detection is the only key to reduce mortality and morbidity. We would like to offer Mammography services free to the under privilege sections of the society and give subsidization to all. We would like to dedicate a Digital Mammography machine for this cause and for those detected with Cancer, offer subsidized treatments. Since women’s health has always been a top priority in the Phadnis Clinic work, it would give a sense of fulfillment to take this work forward for women.

8. Oncology and Onco Surgery – Outside of Breast and Cervical Cancer Harmony Medical Trust would like to support needy cancer patients through subsidized checkups and treatment packages.

9. Palliative Care and End of Life Care – Harmony Medical Trust would like to step into this area of work through its senior citizen homes and hospitals to provide good palliative care and end of life support services, including Psychological Care, Spiritual needs and all the objectives of good health defined World Health Organization.

Please call on +918669667516 for more information.

Dr. Avinash Phadnis and Dr. Amita Phadnis have been practising in Pune for the past thirty years after finishing their education and post graduation in Mumbai and gaining expertise in their respective specialties of Obstetrics-Gynecology and Pediatrics-Neonatology in Europe and the United States.
Dr. Avinash and Dr. Amita Phadnis are well-known and respected doctors in their fields.

Throughout their long career in private practice, they have encountered a large number of patients who have come to them despite difficult socioeconomic circumstances. In 2007, Dr. Phadnis made the decision to help society for the “greater common good,” returning to society what society had given them. Dr. Phadnis entered into a “CHARITABLE” Public Private Partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation to take over the operations of Dalvi Hospital in Shivajinagar with this goal in mind. They worked in the Dalvi Hospital from 2007 to 2014, and they conducted incredible social work. This was done entirely with their own money; they did not seek any outside support for this project. This was merely their “payback.” Every month, close to 100 deliveries were performed, along with antenatal examinations, paediatric checkups, and paediatric immunizations. They launched an old age home in Balewadi called ” Silver Homes ” in 2017, and currently a new unit has opened in Baner. Drs. Phadnis have taken a conscious decision to raise funds to take this highly important work of social responsibility forward in a significant way, based on their many years of experience in medical care and a good grasp of “what the society really needs” today. 

1. Sponsor a Meal

Celebrate the special days in your life by sponsoring a day’s meal to the unprivileged and enjoy the happiness. Sponsor a Breakfast/Afternoon lunch  or Dinner.

Celebration 40th Bday with cake

2. Celebrate Birthday

Celebrate your birthday, marriage anniversary, your family or friend’s birthdays by sponsoring a day’s meal to the underprivileged and enjoy the JOY OF GIVING. Sponsor a Breakfast/Fore-noon lunch /Dinner.


3. Donate Blankets

Donate BLANKETS/BEDSHEETS on the special occasion of your life by sponsoring BLANKETS/BEDSHEETS to the underprivileged.

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